Customer Shout Out – Melvin & Joan Everett

Feast your eyes on this beautiful lawn! Talk about "GREEN with ENVY!" The Everetts have done a marvelous job working alongside us. We appreciate their hard work! It's great to be a part of the ENVYLawn family.

Why isn’t my grass turning green? Check out this video from Scott to learn why it is taking longer than usual for us to see that GREEN grass that we all love and strive for. Also, give him a round of applause for recording this all by himself WITHOUT the help of his kids!

Customers of the Week: Jeff & Mitzi Collins

This lawn looks AWESOME! You know your lawn is awesome when even the shade in the photo can't hide the awesomeness. Big thanks to the Collins for working alongside us to achieve this beauty. Is it time for you to make the call? Is your lawn needing some love? Give...

Customers of the Week: Lynn & Terri Comer

Oh, hello there! This lawn is B-E-A-U tiful!  The Comers are rocking that green lawn life and we are so proud. We put a treatment plan in place and it has definitely been successful. 

Customer of the Week: Duff Wagoner

Customer of the Week: Duff Wagoner How beautiful does this yard look?? Duff has done a fantastic job of teaming with us to achieve this beauty. Could you imagine a greener lawn? Keep up the great work, Duff!

Customer of the Week: Philip Suter

This week's Customer of the Week: Philip Suter WOW. We know you are saying it too....this lawn is beautiful! Talk about GREEN with ENVY, right? Philip has done a wonderful job teaming with us to achieve this beauty. It also helps that he has some serious lawn mowing skills! We...

Customers of the Week: Gregory Hankins & Christa Monday

This lawn is gorgeous and we are so proud! Thank you, Gregory and Christa, for teaming with us to get your lawn looking this beautiful! We are almost blinded by how green this lawn is. We can guarantee some of Gregory & Christa's neighbors are GREEN with ENVY! We love...

Customer of the Week: Sandra Holaway

Customer of the week: Sandra Holaway Cue the picnic because this yard is ready! Not only is this grass beautiful, but it is so well taken care of. Thank you, Sandra, for teaming with us to help get your lawn to this level. We love our customers!

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