Customer of the Week: Tolly & Jan Walker

Clap........clap......clap....clap, clap, clap, clap (go know you want to join in on this slow clap)..Woo! We are clapping loud for this lawn. Thank you, Tolly & Jan Walker for sending us beautiful pictures of your lawn. We are so proud of this lawn and so appreciate the Walkers for...

Customer of the Week: Tom Webb

Customer of the Week: Tom Webb Can we get a round of applause for this beautiful lawn? ???????? ???????? ???????? Tom has done a fantastic job with his lawn and we are so proud! We bet some of his neighbors are GREEN with ENVY. We love our customers!

Customer of the Week: Polly Anna Rogers

Customer of the week: Polly Anna Rogers ALLLL the heart eyes for this lawn! ???? How beautiful does this lawn look? Not only does the grass look great, but the wonderful landscaping definitely adds to this lawn's beauty. Great job, Polly! We love our customers!

BEFORE and NOW – ENVYLawn Transformation

Check out this amazing BEFORE and NOW ENVYLawn transformation! In the BEFORE shot you see the lawn in its dormancy covered with winter weeds. In the NOW shot you see the yard thriving after pre-emergent treatments that have killed the winter weeds and are now working to prevent summer weeds....

Tips For Properly Watering Your Turfgrass Lawn

What’s so hard about watering your lawn? You just set the sprinkler and let it go, right? Well…not exactly. You may not realize it, but there is definitely a right way and a wrong way to water your turfgrass, and it matters – especially if you’re a customer of ENVYLawn....

What You Need To Know About Common Turfgrass Diseases In Alabama

We don’t always think of our lawn as a living, breathing organism, but that’s exactly what it is! And like all other living things, it’s susceptible to disease. Grass diseases are a common problem for homeowners, and they can lead to unsightly damage in your yard. Diseases vary by grass...

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