Lawn Care Tips

Courtesy of the Alabama Cooperative Extension Service (ACES) and Auburn University

Proper Lawn Watering Tips

  • If possible, water only once or twice a week with at least one inch of water each time.

  • Sprinklers usually need to be set for at least 1 to 2 hours per spot to apply a full 1 inch of water.


  • Light, frequent watering only wets the surface of the soil and encourages shallow rooting of the turfgrass plants, making the lawn less drought-tolerant.

  • The best time of day to water is early in the morning because it minimizes the potential for water loss through evaporation.

  • The worst time to water is in the evening because the lawn stays wet all night, which encourages disease development.

Proper Lawn Mowing Tips

  • Higher mowing heights favor deeper grass roots, a greater number of roots and overallhealthier turfgrass.

  • It is advisable to raise the cutting height of the lawn slightly (by 1/2″ plus) during the summer to provide more shade to the lower portion of the turfgrass and soil to reduce heat stress and to increase the leaf area available for food.

  • Mowing frequency is extremely important—Never remove more than 1/3 of the total leaf surface at any one mowing.

  • Mow at least once every week.

  • If possible, mow when dry so clippings will not clump together on the surface. Clippingdebris is not only unsightly, but it also excludes light from the grass reducing its health.

  • Mulching allows the smaller clippings to sift down into the lawn returning valuable nutrients.

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